Rules of honey storage


People, who likes honey, very often make supplies for winter because this valuable product is indispensable cure for cold and important ingredient for Christmas dishes. There are some questions: how to preserve honey quality and its beneficial properties at home. It can be stored at your shelves for several years on certain conditions. The most important thing is to follow main rules, which will be discussed further.

First of all, it is a temperature. But at the high temperature honey starts to lose its beneficial properties, it can become dark and have bitter taste, and even worse, harmful for people substances begin to develop.

The best place for storage will be, of course, refrigerator because temperature between 5-10°С is better for storage of honey than 20°С. Furthermore, you will avoid humidity issues that is also an important factor for product quality.

However, a jar of honey can be stored in the pantry or on the shelf of the kitchen cupboard, the most important factors are dark and cool conditions without direct sunlight.

The best place for storage is a glass jar, it is eco-friendly and safe because a jar has a cover. Nevertheless, honey can also be stored in packaging from food-grade plastic, wood, natural wax or in enamel or clay dishes. The main idea is to achieve tightness so that the moisture, dust and odors do not get inside of the jar.

Regarding time orientations, in average, honey may be stored up to 2 years depending on the kind. However, under the right conditions, it can preserve beneficial and tasty properties even longer. Of course, if it is a natural and high-quality product. Ascania-Pack Company offers exactly this type of honey. You can browse the sweet offers in our catalog

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