Honey and antibiotics


Artificial impurities, which dishonest sellers can add to honey for increasing its weight and appeal, usually do not cause the direct harm of consumer`s health. But antibiotics can be dangerous. It is known that regular consumption of honey with antibiotics makes human body resistant to this type of drugs, and therefore the real need of treatment will be extremely difficult.

How do antibiotics get into honey?

Treatment of bees is the main way in which decay products of antibiotics get into honey. It is known about approximately 20 infectious diseases of these insects. Rapid changes in weather conditions, lack of food, steady rains and high humidity - all these factors can cause bee diseases that are currently treated with antibiotics. However, some beekeepers use these drugs to prevent diseases but this way of diseases prevention is not proven.

There are list of authorized drugs for beekeeping, which can be used in the hives if it is necessary. Dosage and duration should be strictly controlled.

How to detect and get rid of antibiotics in honey?

Detection of drugs in honey is carried out in laboratory conditions. Modern methods of express-analysis can detect not only residues of antibiotics, but also any other substances even in the smallest concentration.

It is impossible to liquidate antibiotics in honey from bees, which were treated. Manufacturer should stop selling this honey for a certain period. It can be weeks or, in some cases, two or three seasons because the period depends on the time of decay and withdrawal of a particular type of antibiotics.

How to buy honey without antibiotics?

When you choose supplier of honey pay attention to the certificates. In February 2016, honey of Ascania-Pack Company got international certification and now it meets the requirements of international food safety standard FSSC 22000. This international scheme of certification of food and drinks is currently the leading on European market.

In addition, our honey, which is supplied from more than 150 professional apiaries (90% coverage of Ukrainian honey fields), went through a few additional tests:

  • Annual external independent audits (McDonald`s, Kraft Foods);
  • Testing by independent QSI laboratory (Germany);
  • Corresponding to standards of international companies (METRO, KFC);
  • Three-stage quality control in our own laboratory.

Buy and enjoy honey of high quality!

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