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Honey purchase

As of 12.03.2019 Ascania-Pack have started receiving honey to the territory of the company.

Procurement takes place at prices:

Weight of delivery, kg 3 000 5 000 10 000 20 000
Price for honey in barrels 200 l., UAH 35,50 36,00 36,50 37,00
Price for honey in other container, UAH 34,50 35,00 35,50 36,00

* Calculation for honey is carried out after checking in the laboratory (the term of inspection is 6 working days).

When honey is delivered, beekeepers must have the following documents:

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
Identification code
Veterinary-sanitary passport of the apiary

If you have any questions about honey delivery on the company's premises, please contact:

+38 098 633 48 47
+38 099 904 85 47

Become our permanent supplier of honey

Ascania-Pack Company invites professional honey suppliers for cooperation!

Our advantages

  • Personal transaction support manager;
  • Mutual profitable long-term cooperation;
  • Simplicity and transparency of relations;
  • Year-round honey purchase of different kinds;
  • Process from sample selection to purchase of honey takes up to 10 days;
  • Own laboratory;
  • Providing of packing materials if it is necessary (food barrel 200 l).

Requirements for suppliers

  • At least one year experience in honey harvesting;
  • Ability of harvesting not less than 500 tons per season;
  • Ability of honey harvesting all year round;
  • Presence of own warehouses and resource base for work.

Recommendations for beekeepers

How to organize honey harvesting:

  • We recommend to choose places that are distant from industrial enterprises, motorways and farms (animal food may contain antibiotics which may be detected in honey)
  • Coordinate location of the apiary with the field owner, demand information about materials which are used for field processing;
  • Harvest only ripe honey.

How to choose container for honey:

  • Collect honey only in food grade packaging;
  • Carefully wash and dry container thoroughly both inside and outside – otherwise, honey can ferment;
  • Do not use plastic containers because they also can cause the presence of antibiotics in honey.

How to preserve honey correctly:

  • Store honey in frequently ventilated premises without any strong smells;
  • It is prohibited to store honey in the same premises with chemicals, fertilizers or products with strong smell;
  • Avoid overheating of honey – the constant temperature in the premises should not be higher than 15 °С.