Honey production

Honey production in Ascania-Pack Company meets the highest world quality standards.

The key principles, implemented in manufacturing:

  • system of safety and quality management;
  • FSSC 22 000 standards and HACCP principles, including risk analysis and HACCP plan;
  • Traceability at all stages: from honey harvesting to packaging of final products.

Key performance indicators

5 000 Т
Raw product storage capacity
4 000 Т
Finished product storage capacity
3 000 Т/Mounth
Current production capacity

Our honey has three stages of input and output control, the last stage of which is confirmed by the findings of an independent QSI laboratory (Germany). The analysis is done via ELISA method and it is carried out on the test systems from the world`s leading manufacturers: R-Biopharm (Germany) and Tekka (Italy).

Thanks to these processes, Ascania-Pack Company has the opportunity to identify a homogenized product and track it directly to the bee farms at all levels.

Honey processing is aimed to preserve pure naturalness of honey and all its useful properties

Thermal chamber with controlled temperature

Honey decrystallization runs into a specially equipped heating unit with automatic temperature control.

Filtration system

Primary filtration at the stage of receiver filling. Additional filtration from small particles at the stage of pumping honey from receiver to homogenization unit through fine filter.

Homogenizer with controlled temperature

The homogenization time is strictly regulated.

Filling of metal drums allowed for food contact is conducted through the magnetic separator.