Laboratory and quality control

Own laboratory of Ascaina-Pack Company is the quality control at all stages of manufacturing!

  • Modern equipment;
  • Checking honey for antibiotics and veterinary drugs.

Our honey has three stages of input and output control, the last stage of which is confirmed by the findings of an independent QSI laboratory (Germany).

Approach of Ascania-Pack Company to quality of product:

We implement quality control of row material at all stages of purchasing:

  • Procurement of honey only from approved suppliers – beekeepers-partners or procurers.
  • Sampling from the beekeeper from each packing unit, sealing each container unit until the delivery of the lot to Ascania-Pack warehouse.
  • Purchasing only the approved batches which meet the quality requirements.

Ascania-Pack Company carefully checks and, if it is necessary, rejects honey at the stage of purchase. For example, honey that does not correspond to physical and chemical parameters, and honey with antibiotics and veterinary drugs or residues of these substances.

Honey of Ascania-Pack Company corresponds to all quality standards of final products: national standards according to EU norms (Direction of Ukrainian Parliament 2001/110/EU), quality of every batch of final products is confirmed in international independent laboratory that specializes on control of honey quality – QSI Bremen, Germany.