Choose high-quality and tasty honey


Today almost all large stores create a real paradise for people who like honey. There are tens names and variations of this product on the shelves. However, you should be cautious because not all manufacturers offer qualitative and fresh product. Let`s discuss how to choose right honey.

First of all, it is a place. Do not buy honey on the road or on spontaneous markets where products are often not fresh. The life of useful properties of honey is 2 years. Dishonest sellers often overheat honey. You should know: if it is heated to 40 degrees, triglycerides are formed that provoke cardiovascular diseases, as well as oxymethylfurfural, which has a very negative effect on the nervous system and provokes the formation of malignant tumors.

Therefore, the best variant is to find a proven beekeeper or an experienced manufacturer whose reputation is credible.


Often, we above all pay attention to the taste and appearance of honey, but do not look at the packaging. Remember: packaging must be airtight and clean.

Honey appearance

Every kind corresponds to certain characteristics: honey should be clean (without white inks, foam – this indicates oxidation), should not flake and contain liquid on the surface.


Do not neglect the opportunity to try honey. Taste should not have “strange” unpleasant flavors. You will feel the fresh floral aroma.

Storage conditions

Remember that both high and low temperatures are equally harmful for honey. It should be stored in the darkness at an optimum temperature of 10-25° C. Sunlight and daylight lamps kill all the beneficial ingredients of this healing product, turning it into a calorie-laden sweet substance.


Real honey cannot be cheap. If seller offers you an attractive price, you can be sure that the honey was modified, adding chalk, sugar, corn or potato molasses.

Certificate of quality

The seller is obliged to provide it to the buyer on request. This document should include information on the date and place of honey collection, compliance with state standards. Also, ask the seller for a certificate on the selected product from the laboratory of sanitary-veterinary expertise.

Everybody chooses honey to own taste: buckwheat, linden or acacia - all of them taste and look differently. Before you make honey supply for the winter, experts advise to buy a small amount and send it to the laboratory. There will be able to determine the diastase number. A high figure indicates the quality and benefits of this product. In this way, you will definitely buy the true healing honey, which will be quickly and easily digested by the body.

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