Kinds of honey: how distinguish them?


There are many kinds of natural flower honey because honeybees collect it since the middle of March to the last warm days of autumn.

Kinds of honey

  1. There are flower and honeydew honey. We discuss flower honey later, but the source of honeydew honey is honeydew, it can be a sugar-rich sticky liquid, secreted by aphids and some scale insects or a sweet sticky substance produced by the leaves of certain pine trees.
  2. The honey consistence can be liquid and crystalized. The first condition is the feature of fresh honey, crystallization means that honey has been stored for a certain time. The fastest process of crystallization occurs in dandelion honey, but honey from motley grass can be preserved in liquid form for a few months.
  3. Honey can be in light and dark color. There are great varieties of honey shades: from milk-white to dark brown colors. The color depends on the plant from which nectar was collected.

The most well known kinds of honey

  • Acacia honey. This is very nutritious and tasty honey, which contains a large number of enzymes and carotene. Even children can eat acacia honey because it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Buckwheat honey. Dark tart honey is a natural preservative. Buckwheat honey is recommended for adding to homemade cosmetics and treatment of the wounds.
  • Linden honey. It is collected in the period of linden blossom and this honey is valued for a large number of beneficial amino acids. Taste of linden honey is saturated and its main healing property is the treatment of stress and cold.
  • Forest honey. This kind contains the least amount of sugar but increased amount of beebread, propolis and royal jelly. These components make forest honey natural remedy for pain and inflammation. Taste of the honey has a little bitterness because of its compound.
  • Meadow honey. Another “folk” name for this honey is “motley grass” honey. Bees collect nectar from different flowers and plants and thanks to this content of glucose and fructose in this kind of honey is one of the highest. In folk medicine, motley grass honey is used in the treatment of bronchitis and kidney disease.

Now you have known how to distinguish kinds of honey. If you require more detailed information about our product, we encourage you to contact us.

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