Cream-honey – tasty and healthy trend


Introducing a new product

Craft products become more and more popular recently. People demand something special, limited, unusual and exclusively natural.

Beekeepers and honey manufacturers began experimenting. As the result of research, they created new product, which instantly became a true trend among real gourmets – cream-honey – product with tender paste-like consistence.

On the shop shelves, this product appeared not so long ago, and we offer to learn more about its properties and features of manufacturing.

White cream-honey is made from fresh honey that has not been crystalized yet. It is blended with special mixers preventing heating. Thanks to this, honey is saturated with oxygen and loses viscosity. At the end of the process, we receive homogeneous light mass that retains the shape and it is easily spooned up. The taste of natural honey is preserved.

Another feature of cream-honey is additives, which are added during mixing process. Production technology does not allow adding fresh fruits and berries because they contain water. That is why they are dried using a special method that preserves all beneficial properties.

Not only adults, but also children enjoy honey sweets. Natural and healthy cream-honey with additives will boost immune system and give the charge of cheerfulness and good mood for the baby all day long.

You can cook these goodies by yourself; however, it is better to buy them from a proven manufacturer because he adheres to all proportions and technologies. You can be sure of quality of cream-honey from Ascania-Pack Company, which is made according to the highest standards.

Moreover, you can choose from great variety of tastes: come, browse and choose!

Try it! And you will not be able to stop!

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