The conference for beekeepers and exporter was held in Kyiv


The conference “Beekeeper – exporter: perspectives and principles of mutually beneficial cooperation” was held in Kyiv. There were 35 participants, the leading players of the Ukrainian honey market: exporters, buyers, beekeepers and the heads of regional beekeeping organizations. Ascania-Pack Company was among those who organized this event.

During the meeting, beekeepers and exporters discussed details of cooperation and reached certain agreements. The participants of the conference discussed the following topics:

  1. According to tendency in current and next seasons, Ukraine will have excessive reserves of honey, which may continue to negatively affect the pricing of the product.
  2. The current economy is not satisfied any of industry branches: neither beekeepers with buyers, nor exporters. Therefore, all participants should consider variants of costs optimization, as well as the process of diversification, such as expanding the range of beekeeping products.
  3. There is a lack of communication and transparency in the relationship between beekeeper – buyer – exporter. During the conference, it was decided to continue the joint meetings in the form of round tables, congresses, conferences, and expand the number of participants.
  4. The main problems of the branch are:
    1. lack of reliable industry statistics and information on the amount of honey, which prevents the formation of a reasonable offer for the market;
    2. reduction of the honey-bearing base, which gave different kinds of honey; and reduction to the one honey plant - sunflower;
    3. lack of reliable information on veterinary drugs that can be used in beekeeping;
    4. lack of tools for regulation and control of the circulation of veterinary drugs;
    5. lack of principles of relations between farmers and beekeepers, as well as the lack of responsibility of farmers for the poisoning of bees.

Also, during the conference participants reached a number of agreements:

  1. Start to organize meetings between beekeepers and representatives of exporters on the regular basis in order to establish a dialog. Provide required information for the Association of honey exporters about meetings from the party of beekeepers organization.
  2. Conduct negotiations between the Association of honey exporters of Ukraine and beekeeping organizations regarding the organization and holding of a joint conference before the beginning of the 2019 season in order to discuss and plan the results of the season.
  3. Form together with beekeepers, exporters and other experts of the branch the Strategy of development of beekeeping industry in Ukraine.
  4. Form a common position of all participants of this conference, who will take part in the Working Group in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food on beekeeping issues on November 26, 2018.
  5. Subject to expert consideration the opportunity to provide and disseminate information on the quality requirements of honey and other bee products, as well as recommendations about packaging and veterinary drugs. Information dissemination channels: Exporter Association website, leaflets, etc.
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