Ascania-Pack Company presented new sauces


Introducing a new product

Favorite flavors of Ascania-Pack sauces in new packaging!

Ascania-Pack Company has presented new line of sauces in convenient packaging in its product range! Now customers can enjoy their favorite sauces where and when they want. The sauces taste great at lunch, picnic and with snacks. Choose your favorite flavors and enjoy!

Garlic, BBQ, adjika, chili, cheese, mango with chili, tartar, sweet and sour, French with mustard – all of them are presented in new convenient packaging, 55-60g.


French sauce with mustard

The delicate sweet-spicy flavor and light creamy consistence of this sauce with mustard notes will be ideal variant for chicken and salads. Combination of mustard with such herbs as coriander and curcuma perfectly shades the flavor of sauce and suits almost all dishes.


Cheese sauce

Tender creamy cheese sauce with pleasant aroma harmoniously complements meat and vegetable dishes as well as pasta. It will be the highlight in any dish of European cuisine and excellent taste with snacks.


 Tartar sauce

The sauce based on the mayonnaise and pickles is ideal for fried meat, fish and vegetables. Tartar adds piquant note to your dishes thanks to fragrant herbs and spices. You can be sure that if you try this sauce, it will become one of your favorites.


 Sweet & sour sauce

Sweet and sour sauce is a perfect supplement to various dishes. Its light, barely noticeable hot flavor and tender texture underline the taste of fish, meat and poultry, as well as add special taste to seafood. We strongly recommend trying pork in sweet and sour sauce.


Mango-Chili sauce

Unusual combination of tropical sweet mango and hot chili pepper in this sauce add Asian notes to meat and fish dishes as well as salads. Snacks, marinades, dressings will become special with this sauce. Freshness, hot notes, intrigue distinguish this Thai exotic sauce among others – and it is definitely worth to try.


Adjika sauce

This sauce contains hot aromatic red pepper, fresh garlic and notes of various fragrant herbs. It traditionally finely suits almost all meat dishes.


Garlic sauce

Garlic sauce is ideal variant for different dishes of international cuisine. It is used as dressing for salads, served with fish, meat and poultry, especially if they were cooked on the grill.


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