Ascania-Pack Company carried out the first delivery of honey to Saudi Arabia


“The market of KSA has a great potential, - said Olga Stadnyk, the Head of Export department of Ascania-Pack Company, - at the end of 2019 we took part in the first trade mission from Ukraine to Saudi Arabia. Although this country is the consumer of liquid honey, the participation in this event helped us to understand that consumers like our range of cream-honey with berries, fruits and nuts -paste”, - said Olga Stadnyk.

Saudi Arabia has become the 18th country where honey of Ascania-Pack Company is available on the retail market. The export of honey includes such countries as the US, Canada, Singapore, Iraq, Qatar, as well as European countries.

“We have noticed for a long time that the customers prefer healthy and natural honey, but people do not like when it crystalizes and they cannot eat honey in the usual way, - said Olga Stadnyk, - this situation has motivated us to create cream-honey with adding of various berries, fruits, nuts and seed. We spent a lot of time for its creation and the most difficult stage in the development of production technology was the creation of creamy smooth consistency, which is the most convenient for consumption”.

There is a large amount of sunflower honey in Ukraine and we are its main  source in the world: Sunflower honey is distinguished by its beneficial properties for people and this honey is perfectly suits for cream-honey  processing. This technology is not new and was invented at the beginning of the last century in Canada”, - said Olga.

Note: Ascania-Pack Company is the leader of honey export in Ukraine, it has own manufacture of portion packed products (loose and pasty products), own laboratory for quality control of raw materials and finished products, which is equipped according to the international standards. Current producing capacities allow processing over 20 thousand tons of honey per year.

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