Almost 40 countries buy Ukrainian honey


Recent years Ukrainian honey manufacturers have considerably expanded the geography of the products supply. Ukrainian project of business development of horticulture (UNBDP) reported that Victor Ivanchenko, the development director of honey exporter Ascania-Pack Company, announced this during the meeting with the members of beekeepers union of Mykolaiv region.

According to his words, in 2012 Ukrainian honey was exported only to 11 countries, but on the results of 2018 Ukraine exports honey to almost 40 countries.

“We have already been supplying honey everywhere: to Japan, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The structure has also changed: in 2012 33% were supplied to traders and 67% were supplied to packers, but till the end of 2018 the situation has changed – the most of our honey is supplied to the packers” – said Ivanchenko.

He believes that all honey is natural, if it meets the prescribed quality standards. There are some questions only about healthy properties of one or another kind of honey.

Honey with fructose and glucose ratio of more than 1,35 (motley grass) is the largest and best-selling category. With this ratio, honey does not crystalize.

 “The large suppliers of this honey: Argentina and China. Sunflower honey has low ratio of fructose and glucose. This is a good and high-quality honey. Its main property is a quick crystallization. Problem of our sunflower is that even after pasteurization, within 3-6 months it crystalizes any way. Acacia honey is the most popular because it is liquid and clear” – said the expert.

According to Ivanchenko, the world import and export of honey is estimated at 600 thousand tons - about 35% of which are consumed in Europe and the United States.


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