Export of honey from Ukraine will fall by 40% in 2018 according to the forecast


Honey export from Ukraine in 2018 will decreased to level of 50 thousand tons. Same time the average export price will increase. In 2018 export of honey from Ukraine in volume terms will be significantly reduced.

«According to my forecast we will sell about 50 thousand tons this year. It means that the fall will be at least 40% in best case.

Talking about the geographical structure of export - by the end of this year there will be no big changes.

Perhaps, the ratio of exports to the EU and to the USA will be changed a little bit» - said CEO of Ascania-Pack, Volodymyr Ruban in his interview to Delo.UA.

Company informed that during the first eight months of 2018 only 22 thousand tons of honey were exported from Ukraine. It is 40.5% less than for the same period of last year. In terms of money, export for 8 months of 2018 decreased by 31% - from USD 66.6 mln to USD 46 mln.

«The average export price for 8 months of 2017 was USD 1.8/kg. This year the average export price is USD 2.11/kg. Due to the fact that we raised the price by 17%, we began to fall in volume of export» - said Vladimir Ruban.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in 2017 Ukraine exported around 68 thousand tons of honey (USD 134 mln). This made possible for our country to become the largest exporter of honey in Europe and to enter to the list of TOP-3 world largest exporters of honey (after China and Argentina).

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